'C' Certificate Examination

  1. Cadet must have passed 'B' certificate.
  2. The Cadet must be in second/third year of SD/SW NCC Training
  3. The Cadet must have attended a minimum of 75% of the periods of 3rd year syllabus during the academic session.
  4. Break in the NCC Service of the SD/SW Cadet prior to appearing in the exam should not exceed more than 18 months at one time, after his discharge to count his previous service for Certificate 'C' examination. In case the break exceeds 18 months, the following procedure will be adopted
    "If he had been on the Unit rolls for a minimum of two years before his discharge and had attended 75% of the total period during his NCC service, he will need another 45 periods of training to become eligible for Certificate 'C' examination. In all other cases where above conditions are not fulfilled, the Cadet must attend a minimum of 75% periods of the first and second year of training."
  5. Must have attended two Camp.

Re-Test for Improvement of Grading: 'C' Certificate

  1. Cadets who have obtained a 'C' grading in NCC 'C' Certificate Exam and who wish to improve their grading so that they become eligible to apply for the NCC Special Entry Scheme, will be allowed to appear for a retest. Only one retest will be allowed.
  2. Cadets will have to re-appear in complete examination. Retest will be held along with fresh cases next year. During the period, these Cadets may attend at least two weeks' Special Parade/Coaching classes to be organized by units after he academic session. Those Cadets who do not attend the Special Parade/Classes will also be eligible to appear in the re-test. No refreshment or other allowance will be admissible for this classes/parade/retest.

Permission to Appear in Certificate Examination after Discharge

  1. Cadets who ceased to be on rolls of NCC may be permitted to appear for certificate 'A' Examination for Junior Division/Wing and 'B' & ā€˜Cā€™ for Senior Division/Wing NCC at their own expenses within a period of 12 months of their discharge from the NCC, provided they were otherwise eligible at the time of their discharge.
  2. The ex-cadet so eligible can appear for the examination at any place in India by applying for the same, alongside with discharge certificate, to Local Unit Commander. The Group Commander is empowered to accept such requests from the ex-cadets.